Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms To Boost Your Campaign

By: Polly More
Published: September 28, 2018

Just like every other marketing strategy, influencer marketing is no makeover. With every business looking for a winning marketing strategy, the power of the influential people in your niche cannot be overlooked.

There is nothing encouraging as to hear about the quality of a brand or product from a trusted leader. In fact, people are more likely to purchase or at least follow a product recommended to them from the people they trust.

Meanwhile, businesses use influential people to extol the virtues of their brand. This is what influencer marketing is all about. Similarly, there are lots of influencer marketing tips for you to connect with the influential people in your niche.

Moreover, influencer marketing is not necessarily going to replace social or content marketing. Because influencer marketing platforms cannot exist without them.

Also, Influencer making is not just about finding people with great audience reach and paying them to say good things about your brand.

However, the right influencers are the people who have spent time building and cultivating their audience. There are conscious about their reputations and the people that trust them.

Like we have mentioned earlier, there are several influencer marketing platforms to take your business to the next level. In this article, we’ll be talking up the top 10 of those platforms.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms

We have highlighted the best influencer marketing platforms below for you. In these platforms, you can find the right influencers to help boost your campaign success.

1. AspireIQ [Revfluence]

Formerly known as Revfluence, AspireIQ is one of the most powerful influencer marketing platforms out there.

It has the database of over 150,000 influencers with loyal audiences across the major social media platforms.

You can search for influencers in this platform with any keyword, audience demographics or metrics. Or as well allow their recommendation engine find for you the perfect influencers for every campaign.

AspireIQ is one of the few influencer marketing platforms that empowers you to work with hundreds of influencers. With dozens of automation features and workflow customization options.

This platform offers a lot to businesses, that why the top brands are using it. Such as T-Mobile, GrubHub, Dyson, PALMER’S, etc.

Among the features they offer includes; Customized influencer recommendation engine, seamless communications, data-driven insights, and lots more.

You can even get valuable data in an easy to use dashboard that makes reporting campaign results, a breeze.

2. Upluence

Everyone wants to make the most of their campaign with the complete influencer marketing platforms. No question about that. But are you on the right platform? The answer with Upluenceis yes.

Hence, you can have access to over 1.2 Million influencers in over 250 industries only when you choose Upfluence.

Moreover, it helps you in a special way to reach out to who matters in your industry with advanced metrics.

Also, this influencer management system provides brands with tools to manage each influencer relationship.

Running an influencer marketing campaign can be such easy when using influencer marketing platforms like Upfluence.

You can search for top social media influencers and blogs using advanced search criteria in this platform.

And again, there is a considerable amount of information in the database on each influencer. Thereby making it easy for you to find one relevant to your industry.

3. Famebit

Although Famebit started out as Youtube influencer platform only. But it has now extended its horizon to other social networks as well.

Famebit is the leading marketplace for influencers. With its powerful data, you have the best in class tools to connect brands with the right creators.

While also enabling branded contents that reach the right audiences and inspire action.

In addition as a creator (Influencer), Famebit focuses on bringing you, great sponsors. From the trendiest startups to the biggest brands.

It helps your professional growth by connecting you with brands looking to collaborate and create amazing branded content. This platform supports a large and vibrant community of creators, with over 65,000 creators on the book.

4. Traackr

Arguably one of the best influencer marketing platforms with a complete array of features. Traackr provides a record influencer discovery, management, and analytics to scale the impact of influencer relationships across your organizations.

However, apart from offering deep analytics and huge influencer network Traackr equally focuses on building lasting influencer relationships with brands. Moreover, you can access the largest influencer discovery engine with Traackr influencer marketing platforms.

Traackr allows for social listening of its influencers, allowing brands to engage with them and their audience in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to prioritize influencers based on brand impact and audience insights.

5. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is a self-guided influencer marketing platform. It allows you to find influencers according to your interests and demographics. In a like manner, this platform harnesses the power of authentic, meaningful contents.

After all good content is the backbone of great marketing. Hence, TapInfluence has proven to be the right platform to get influencer-generated content.

Furthermore, TapInfluence lets you find an influencer’s performance data history and approximated per engagement cost.

It’s among the influencer marketing platforms that allow for influencer search, campaign management, and analytics.

Again, it helps you create more engaging videos, social media contents, blogs, images, and other contents created by influencers at scale.

Thus, their good name has fetched them top brands like Panasonic, SunTrust, WhiteWave, and host of others.

6. Hypr

Hypr is one of the influencer marketing platforms with the highest database of about 10 million influencers. As a result, it’s designed for brands to discover influencers based on their activities on major social media platforms particularly posting.

Moreover, this platform lets you access influencer audience demographics and geographic data to help you choose the right influencer for your brand.

Perhaps you wonder why Hypr, it’s data is already trusted by over 30% of the world’s largest brands, agencies, and influencers. Including Bloomberg, Hulu, LG, Microsoft, Pepsi, and more.

In fact, Hypr is the world’s largest and smartest influencer marketplace.

Marketers can reach a large audience at scale by targeting influencers based on their audience’s demographics such as age, location, and interests.

Meanwhile having access to these audiences insights is paramount to running a successful influencer marketing campaign. And Hypr is ideal for offering you such an interface.

7. InNetwork

The truth is that the best influencer campaigns start with strong influencer relationships. But in the first place, running influencer marketing campaigns should be fun and easy. And this is what InNetwork is ready to offer you.

InNetwork is an opt-in influencer marketing platform. They don’t just allow anyone access to join the site as an influencer.

Before you can sign up to join this platform as an influencer, you have to undergo some series of screening to ensure your quality.

Similarly, they have a team of analysts who access each influencer for quality, credibility, authenticity, and engagements.

Also, one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing is a lack of tracking and data. However, with InNetwork’s onsite and offsite tracking, you can be able to get insights into how your contents are performing.

Both in search and in the impact each channel and influencer is actually having on your campaign. This platform is enriched what the necessary things you need to find the right influencer for your business.

8. BuzzStream

BuzzStream helps marketers research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient.

In fact, it helps you to support your influencer outreach by allowing you to discover detailed information such as; Contact info, social profiles, and site metrics. Similarly, you’ll never lose track of a conversation again, because BuzzStream automatically saves your emails and tweets.

Although, it might not have as many influencers when compared to other influencer marketing platforms. But with BuzzStream, you can equally research and find the right influencers for your business. It’s trusted by some world’s leading marketers such as; Canva, Shopify, 99designs, Airbnb and more.

Moreover, the plans and their pricing are considered fair based on the features you get. It is priced at $24/month for the starter plan which offers 1,000 contacts, 50 discovery results, and 30 prospecting searches for one user.

While the group plan is priced at $99/month for 3 users, and it offers 25,000 contacts, unlimited discovery results, and 250 prospecting searches.

Spend more time building links on BuzzStream and earn a great outreach.

9. Markerly

Insincerity is not a name in the influencer marketing world. Markerly has standout quality influencers. It is strictly dedicated to connecting brands with real people to deliver authentic and successful brand affiliations. Here, you can build your own branded influencer network with full campaign management capabilities.

The truth is that Markerly wants to help you with the best influencers within your niche. It spans multiple networks to help you identify and recruit people whose lives are most relevant to your brand.

In addition, Markerly manages everything thereby allowing you to focus on what you do best. This has prompted leading marketers such as CocaCola, Michelin, ALESSI, and more to trust them.

10. Marvrck

Mavrck changes the view of some other influencer marketing platforms and also companies who use a platform to find suitable influencers.

Their view is that instead of a company researching for influencers to attract customers they should turn their best existing customers into influencers who will then extol the brand’s virtues.

This is because your customers already know you have products worthy of their promotional efforts. Thereby turning your loyal customers to your advocates.

This just says it all. The Mavrck influencer marketing platform provides end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and measurement for integrated influencers. It builds referral, loyalty, and advocacy marketing programs at scale.

This all-in-one influencer marketing platform has pleased numerous top marketing companies. Including; Gillette, eBay, Unilever, JetBlue, Oreo, Kroger, and a lot more!

In addition, Mavrck is named among the top influencer marketing platforms because of its search precision, ease of use, management tools, and reporting or analytics.


These influencer marketing platforms are there to help you build lasting relationships with leading influencers in your industry. Influencer marketing is such a reliable and popular form of marketing.

And despite the changing nature of the digital marketplace today, using an influencer to extol the virtues of your business is still a winning strategy.

Let us know about your choice. Feel free to make use of the comment box below!

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