10 Best Password Managers 2022 – Consumer Report

By: Polly More
Published: February 23, 2022

This is not another article made to compare the best password managers 2022. I created this based on consumers report’s best password manager.

With the increasing use of various devices requiring that we create passwords for login, it has become a huge task to keep track of all your passwords safely. Hence, the quest for the reviews on what is considered as best-rated 2022 password manager.

Moreover, with the high-rate of data breach, it has become essential that we look for the best ways to secure our passwords.

To get the best we had to test as many password managers, and we have made a list based on our findings. Some of these apps are free, and some are paid. However, free apps like every free thing have its limitation and should not be relied upon.

Meanwhile, before I proceed to list the best password managers we have, I shall be giving a brief overview of what password manager is all about.

Overview of Password Manager

A password manager is an app that stores all your password in one place. Most of the time, these apps make use of an encrypted vault to store these passwords.

With your apps’ password in this app, you are left to worry about one password, which is the one for the password manager. This is a lot easier than trying to remember all the passwords of the apps you use.

Having provided an overview of what password manager is all about, I will proceed to list the password managers we recommend based on our research.


Best Free Password Managers


Dshlane is an outstanding password manager allowing its users to store up to 50 accounts in an encrypted vault that supports multi-factor authentication. It is enabled with auto-fills, information storage, and can fill out all kinds of web forms.

Apple’s iCloud Keychain

This is most useful for those who own gadgets that are all within the Apple’s ecosystem of Safari, iPhone, iPad. While it has no import or export feature, it is safe and easy to use as no extra setup is need to use ity. Just accept that it shpould save your password whenever you get the prompt askisng if you want your password to be saved. It is built to flag weak password that could easily be compromised.

Though it is limited to only Apple proucts, it quality is standard.

Google’s Chrome Password Sync

Google owns a password manager that is built for the Andriod ecosystem and for the Chrome web browser.

However. it can be used across other operating system like iOs when using Google. It is equiped with a tool to scan your credentials for any possible breach of potential threat.


Last Pass has high level osecurity with many users who rely on it as their best password manager. It has a password vault encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and hashed through PBKDF2 SHA-256. It offer a means to securely tranfer data without any intereference.

Aside having a seamles password autofill feature it has a multifactor authentication for accessing your password vault.



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