7 Actionable Facebook Video Marketing Tips

By: Polly More
Published: July 13, 2019

Facebook video marketing in one of the best ways to promote your brand online. However, with many online platforms and different social media channels, it’s harder than ever to grab your audiences’ attention. It’s even more challenging to keep them engaged in your digital marketing strategies.

So, what do you do to stand out?

Given that Facebook is the most populated social media network at over 2 Billion monthly active users. It is quite crazy to ignore this platform. It’s amazing the way video is changing the digital marketplace today.

Unsurprisingly, a video seems to add tremendous value to the consumer’s experience. Having said that, about 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.

So, what are you waiting for to start using the powers of Facebook video marketing to extol the virtues of your business online?

Honestly, Facebook video marketing is at the rage today. From stories, live videos and 360. There are numerous ways in which Facebook video marketing can boost your digital marketing strategy.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll share with you those tips for a greater Facebook video marketing campaign.

7 Essential Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Other than Youtube, Facebook video marketing is another great way to promote your brand through video marketing. You can follow these tips when crafting your Facebook videos for promoting your brands.

1. Keep Your Videos Short And Stimulating

In a world where consumers are bugged with tons of online ads, texts, and other outlets. It will be difficult to keep your audience engaged for a long period of time. Besides, Facebook made it clear themselves that videos less than 2 mins are more effective than those with lengthy stories.

So, when you create short and compelling videos for your facebook video marketing. You’re not only entertaining your audience but as well as converting them to loyal customers. Moreover, videos explain a whole lot of things in a short span than texts do.

Therefore, it’s necessary you keep your videos short and compelling while it delivers the desired information. So that the viewers may not lose their interest trying to watch your lengthy videos.

In addition, if your video is relevant, no matter how short it is it’ll leave a lasting impact on the viewers. Thereby encouraging them to take any of your desired actions such as like, share, buy, subscribe, click, etc.

Thus, just like every other marketing videos, it’s important that you keep your Facebook video marketing short and compelling.

2. Let Your Thumbnail Be Captivating

A thumbnail is one of the most attracting features of any video. Just like brands use a logo that speaks good of them, your thumbnails should already speak good of your videos. As Facebook may say it “choose something interesting to draw your audience in.”

Hence, Facebook’s ads creation tool allows you to choose an image in your video or upload your own image when setting a thumbnail.

Moreover, a video thumbnail is most relevant if the video doesn’t play automatically. It’s responsible for attracting viewers to your video.

Captivating thumbnail attracts more viewers to your video. So don’t misuse the opportunity of creating an attractive one for your video.

Again, you can add some texts to your thumbnails. But make sure you keep them at a minimum of 90 characters to avoid violating 20% text policy by Facebook.

3. Learn About Your Audience And Make Your Video Educative

Before going live with your Facebook video marketing, it’s important that you learn more about your target audience.

Reaching out to the right people is one of the things it takes for your Facebook video marketing to be a success. One thing is that your video might be rich in content but you deliver it to the wrong audience.

Hence, when such things happen the performance of your video will definitely be poor. (Engagement and conversions inclusive)

So what am I saying? Understanding where your audience is, what solution they’re looking for, what interest they have and many more is the key. Once you factor these areas, your Facebook video marketing will deliver faster and higher results.

Similarly, how your video is educating your audience will determine how they consume it. So, since you’ve figured out what your audience’s demands are what you’re left with is to structure your video in such a way that it solves their respective problems. Let your videos offer value to your consumers.

4. Share Your Videos Directly From Facebook

We all know the powers of Youtube. It’s quite imperative, but better than that: Upload your videos directly from Facebook rather than sharing them your Youtube channel.

The truth is that videos uploaded natively to Facebook are likely to capture more attention than when shared from another channel.

Even if the video you want to use for your Facebook video marketing is your Youtube video, don’t share it from your Youtube channel. Rather repost it directly to Facebook because posting videos directly to Facebook helps them to rank in more visible positions in the news feed.

However, it’s important that you create videos specifically for Facebook video marketing. This will make them stay within the guidelines required by the channel.

On the other hand, uploading a video directly to Facebook will help it benefit from the autoplay feature. So, make sure you design your videos in such a way that you can post them directly to Facebook.

5. Add a Call-To-Action

That your video has thousands of views is irrelevant if the viewers did not perform any specific actions. Adding a call-to-action provides Facebook users with clear directions on what you want them to do.

After all, getting your users to do something is one of the main purposes of your Facebook video marketing.

These call-to-actions may include, buy now, learn more, subscriber now, sign up, etc. You can equally use action words like ‘watch more’ to send viewers to the next videos on your site.

In other words, CTAs encourage higher click-through rates and conversion rates for your videos.

The CTA can be included in three places in your video which include; At the beginning of the video, in the middle and before the video goes black at the end. Using the CTAs to a great effect will increase the success of your Facebook video marketing campaign.

6. Tag Others That Are Relevant To Your Brand

One of the key advantages of tagging is that it makes your video more popular and able to reach more audience. Hence, if there are brands that are similar to what you offer you can think of tagging them.

However, the most important thing is that you tag a relevant topic to your page. In such a way, it will help drive traffic to your Facebook videos.

To tag a page or another brand is easy. Just type the symbol “@” before the brand name or the title of the page. E.g. @Digitalenterpreneurs etc.

When you tag other brands or pages, those following such page or brand will able to see your videos. This will, therefore, help your videos gain more exposure, engagements, and conversions as well.

7. Use Insights To Measure Your Metrics And Optimize Your Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns

With Facebook Insights, you can be able to measure the average watch time, total minutes watched, etc. If you’re able to measure these factors, you can readily plan for your future social video strategy. ,

Moreover, the use of insights will help you to understand how your facebook video marketing campaign is performing.

In addition, the metrics will help you to optimize the performance of your videos. So, having seen the data of how your videos perform you can then know which type of videos that work or not. Optimize your efforts and stick to the best performing strategies.


Facebook is not slowing down in stepping up with video marketing capabilities. The honest truth is that attention is already shifting to video marketing in the digital marketing scene today. So, to follow with the trends you need to implement Facebook video marketing in your marketing strategy. We all love videos, we share them and we create them. So, we can include it in our digital marketing strategies too!

Are you a video lover? What kind of videos appeal to you most? Feel free to leave us a reply by using the comment box below!

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