Gain More Followers Fast On Twitter Using 8 Quick Steps

By: Polly More
Published: July 10, 2019

Watching others amass a great number of followers on Twitter while your own remain credibly low is not the best feeling anyone can get. But the question now is, have you ever wanted to gain more followers fast on twitter? The most popular answer is YES.

Why YES?

Because you can’t dismiss your follower count on Twitter as a total vanity metric. High follower count does not only signal more influence in your industry. It also shows that your audience and customers are interested in your content.

Twitter is fast moving and easy to use. It is arguably the easiest social following to grow from scratch. That’s why most marketers choose Twitter as their go-to network for engaging customers.

First and Foremost, are you ready to start growing your Twitter following today? Since yes, how then do you gain more followers fast on twitter?

How To Gain More Followers Fast On Twitter In 8 Quick Steps

In this article, am going to show you how to gain more followers fast on Twitter in a simple easy way. No cheat sheet, no bots. Just eight quick actionable steps you can take to increase your Twitter reach and attract valuable followers.

Whatever you are after to gain more followers fast on Twitter, either for more leads or to gain the attention of big names in your industry, these tips are a good fit for you.

Here are the eight quick steps you can employ

1. Tweet More Often When In Doubt

When you are looking to gain more followers fast on Twitter and more engagement, you can only do yourself good by tweeting between three to seven times per day. This is supported by Coschedule’s data who called it “sweet spot”.

Some brands or enterprise tweets 15 to 20 times per day though this is relative to competition and context. Given that this platform moves rapidly, it is considered a fair game that you tweet more often than being reserved with your posts.

When you always fill up your twitter feed with fresh contents, it will always let your potential followers know that you’re active, engaging and above all be convinced that you are worth following. With the help of social scheduling software, you can effectively attract more followers. Because with social scheduling software you can regularly queue up content without having to constantly tweet in real-time.

Tweets from your relevant industry articles, breaking news, your followers, personal updates and so on can keep your followers engaged and also attract more potential followers.

2. Discover The Perfect Time For Tweeting

To gain more followers fast on Twitter, it is not the best idea to post your tweets while your target audience is out of reach. Your timing your tweets really matters since it can help your twitter account get the much-needed exposure.

According to the research carried by Sprout Social on the best time to post on social media. It was discovered that brands that post in the weekdays by early and late afternoon experience most engagements.

Moreover, to gain more followers fast on twitter you should schedule your time of tweeting to hit the times when users are more active. Then sitting on screen for nine hours or spending your whole day on your twitter handle. Again, tweet in real-time at intervals throughout the day.

Don’t know when best to make your tweet? Viral post by Sproutsocial will help in scheduling your tweets to send automatically when your audience is most likely to see and engage with them.

3. Make Your Tweets Be Rich In Visual Content

It’s obvious that tweets with visual contents receive more likes, comments, shares, and retweets than those without visual contents. However, nothing is absolutely wrong with just text-based tweets but tweets with images and short videos would attract more eyes on your post.

The visual contents such as images and videos will encourage serial scrollers to stop and take a look at your post. Therefore, infographics are shared more often than any other kind of image on twitter. Picture these illustrations from Forbes. Likewise video content marketing and its marketing strength. Its tendency to be shared is six times that of solely text-based tweets.

Hubspot demonstrated this with these quick how-to videos. Whether your idea is to entertain or educate the audience, filling your feed with visual content will always help you to gain more followers fast on twitter.

4. Utilize Your Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags on your tweets is one of the most effective ways of getting more engagement to your twitter. From the stats and best practices on how to use hashtags, it’s revealed that tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than those without any.

Including a couple of hashtags on a given tweet will certainly increase the chances of new follower finding your account. The most interesting part of this is that it is easy and doesn’t was time. Nevertheless, don’t go on to distract the audience from your tweets with excessive usage of hashtags.

Figure out which of the hashtags you use that attract followers most. With the help of Twitter analytics you can discover the top performing hashtags for a particular brand. Make the most use of those ones that engage your audience most because it helps to gain more followers fast on twitter.

There is also a database of tons of hashtags to search through. Click here for the currently trending twitter hashtags.

5. Learn To Tag, Retweet And Reply

By constantly engaging with other Twitter user, through tagging, retweeting and replying quickly tells new and potential followers that you’re human. As such they will be much interested to stop and take look at your brand. Getting more followers on twitter is all about making most of the time you spend on the platform valuable.

For beginners, while replying to other brand’s tweets maybe to gain attention or whatsoever, a detailed and tailored response will be very beneficial for you in order to gain more followers fast on twitter.

Furthermore, tagging other brands as a compliment is popular tactics to attract new followers to your account. In turn, they might tag you back as well.

And again, with as short as few seconds, retweeting your followers and fans would definitely introduce to new ones.

Meanwhile, this three action of tagging, retweeting and replying doesn’t take long but can be very effective in telling for potential followers that you’re active.

6. Update Your Profile For New Followers

Knowing very well that up to 15% of tweets are suspected to be bots, it is advisable that you adopt these steps to make your profile look more friendly for new followers. And also to prove that you’re a human.

Optimize your profile with these factors

  • With a clean profile photo: A clear and attractive facial photo is ideal if you’re not using a high-res brand logo.
  • Relevant tags and location information: A profile that is complete with the description of what you do, your title and where you operate will always be engaging.
  • A taste of your personality: Give your followers the idea of the person you are and more will keep coming.

There say first impression matters, therefore, put out a quality profile bio and see how new followers will be interested in coming.

7. Find Followers Within Your Network

To gain more followers fast on Twitter, this tip is easy, simple and straightforward. When you upload your contact list to Twitter, you will be able to find an already existing network of people most likely to follow you.

Once you upload your contacts to Twitter, your account has the chance of showing up the suggestion under “who to follow”. This can provide you with a lot of new followers depending on the size of your contact list.

8. Attract Followers From Beyond Twitter

Another way to gain more followers fast on twitter is to promote your profile beyond the twitter platform. This is one of the good strategies to adopt when starting new. Include a link on your social accounts on-site next to your opt-in form.

You can also include social buttons at the bottom of your marketing emails. Then also to your Facebook “About” section, have your twitter link tucked in there.

Besides, taking into account how fond marketers are with Twitter. There is nothing wrong in throwing out your profile where ever you can to encourage new followers.

In general, Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to your business, promote your products and increase your social media influence. Hence it is important to gain more followers fast on Twitter since it maximizes your audience reach.

So, with these eight quick steps, you can start growing a natural and engaged audience on twitter. And for effective, fast and more following.


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