Facebook Advertising Campaign, Tools and Strategies

By: Polly More
Published: July 1, 2019

Articulated Facebook advertising campaign, tools, and strategies prove how Facebook advertising makes it easy to find the appropriate audience for your business. To attract their attention and get the maximum results desired on your business platform.

With the current statistics showing that greater number of people are engaged on facebook more than any other social media platform [over two billion people use Facebook every month], advertising on Facebook, therefore, lives up to the hype.

Facebook advertising cannot be ignored given its vastness. Its marketing firepower is arguably the best because facebook reaches the target audience more than double as other social media platforms do.

In this article facebook advertising campaign, tools and strategies.  I’m going to intimate you on the basic strategies for Facebook advertising and some of its relevant tools.

Facebook advertising Campaign, tools, and strategies

  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Tools

Advertising on facebook with the appropriate tools can help you to generate multiple leads on a daily basis.

Facebook is a top medium where so many companies advertise on. Besides, even with your unlimited fund but not using the appropriate advertising tools, you might not achieve the result that you want.

In addition, as a business owner, if you don’t understand how it works, you might tend to ignore Facebook advertising thinking that it doesn’t give results. But below I’ll show you some of the tools that will make Facebook advertising easy for you.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

The ads manager helps you to get to the marketing tools necessary to create ads capable of reaching your audience. Facebook advertising is best done through Facebook ads or facebook pages.

The Facebook ads help you find the right people and to capture their attention which helps in getting effective results.

You can create a Facebook ad or page when you click Here

Ads manager is one of the basic Facebook advertising tools that can help your marketing if you understand how to use it well.

    2. Facebook Ads Mobile App

So many Facebook users spend more time on facebook with smartphones or tablet devices. That’s why Facebook has gone so far in providing strong mobile experiences.

You can be running Facebook ads campaign without getting desired results but not until you get one Facebook Ads mobile app for yourself. This facebook ads mobile app can help you control your marketing campaign, check the status of your ads, receive notifications and more.

The ads mobile app will definitely help you manage your business at your convenience with your mobile devices.

   3. Adespresso

If you have ever tried using a marketing tool that is so much complicated and you found it hard to understand or make good use of, after coming across this adespreso you will discover that it is the opposite.

In facebook advertising, adespresso is by far the simplest and straight forward marketing tool.

Adespresso boosts some to top analytic tools that interest users such as a customizable dashboard that helps you pick out the top performing ads and then focus on members that matter most. It also features a clean and easy to understand visual analytics.

   4. Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite doesn’t just end on their social media management popularity. Instead, they still offer an ads platform that helps you optimize your Facebook advertising campaign.

Hootsuite ads features are the best for those who want simplified tools.

Such features include;

  • Creating ads quickly
  • The ability to scan your Facebook page and news feed in order to get the best share to your target audience
  • An advance ads management which allows you to focus more on building your small businesses and spending little time on ads.

Hootsuite ads do not in any way contradict or complicate your ways of creating Facebook ads.

Hence, having enlisted these few facebook advertising campaign tools lets now proceed on the Facebook advertising campaign, tools, and strategies to the next section which is;

  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Strategies

Facebook advertising campaign strategies are those procedures that when well implemented can help you to achieve your marketing goals on the Facebook platform.

There are so many strategies that different companies have tried and succeeded.

Your strategic approach will define how successful your advertising campaign will turn and your business as a whole. Therefore it is encouraging to figure out some organized strategies that will work out for your platform.

Below are the best strategies you can approach your Facebook advertising campaign

1. Picking Out the Perfect Target Audience

The purpose of every advertisement in any platform likewise facebook is to maximize sales, increase customer reach and optimize your business. Your ability to define your audience which will effectively help your Facebook ads will also support you when picking out the right audience.

If you think you know your audience well you should be able to know their wants, desires, how best to reach them, the time you can find them and many more.

When you find the right audience based on your business pattern it will influence the performance of your ads.

Try as much as to discover the rightful audience and work towards convincing them on the products you share or advertise to them.

2. Create a Hybrid Facebook Advertising Platform

Now that the audience uses multiple devices such as desktop devices and mobile devices to access information online, it is advisable that your Facebook advertising should not focus on a one-type based platform.

This is because, during a research period, a customer might be using a desktop device to access the product that you advertised but on the process of trying to purchase he ends up with a mobile device.

In this case, if your advertising platform is a multiple-based type, your customers can research and purchase your advertised products at any given point in time with ease.

Reaching your customers through multiple type platforms can enhance your customers’ awareness.

3. Create Simplicity in your Method of Advertising

When your Facebook advertising is simple to access by the audience, you will discover that you will record a high conversion. Do not focus too much on page design, keep everything simple.

Simplicity in Facebook advertising is surely going to lead to minimizing page elements. When a potential customer visits a page and he is confronted with too many elements he might feel much overwhelmed and skip over some ads.

Over fancy background is not necessary and again ensure that clickable links appear on a different color to other texts on the advertising page.

4. Try out Different Facebook Ads Type

Here any given goal for your Facebook advertising campaign is a fair one. The variety in Facebook ads platform is what makes it look so much compelling.

What is your goal for Facebook advertising?

  • Is it to show off products and offers
  • Or to advertise your latest case study or brands.

The following are some of the varieties of facebook ads type;

  • Carousel ads
  • Video Ads
  • Leads ads and so on

Traditionally, each of these ads serves for a particular purpose which shows that most brands do not stick to one ad type.

5. Create an Evergreen Facebook Ads

No matter how frequently you might wish to run your ads, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There is no need to start from scratch at every single time. It is not necessary because it is time-consuming. You can take a better approach like picking old ads and refix them to make them more engaging.

You can choose from any of these three evergreen campaign strategies:

  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Lead generations Campaigns
  • Conversion Campaigns

These three evergreen campaign strategies work hand in hand. In all, place much value to your audience so that they can stay engaged.

Once you have chosen your evergreen strategy, make some necessary adjustment to an already made ads. This way you will be surprised how effective the result will be.

In conclusion, Facebook advertising campaign, tools, and strategies as we have seen in this context boost your business marketing through Facebook with a simple touch. This is made more effective because of the numbers involved. It can be said in a simple statement as that EVERYONE uses facebook.


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