A Guide On Using LinkedIn Ads For Your Marketing Campaign

By: Polly More
Published: July 10, 2019

Yes, you might have been hearing about LinkedIn ads but you may not have tried it. LinkedIn ads actually work, just like Facebook ads or Twitter ads. It’s not a bad idea at all using LinkedIn ads platform to reach your customers. After all, LinkedIn is where most professionals network with each other online.

Obviously, there are lots of ways to spend your digital advertising budget today. However, giving a shot at LinkedIn Ads has become a great choice for many businesses.

Most people see LinkedIn as a social network that only focuses on business connections. Okay, even so, isn’t it benefiting advertising on the platform? Since you’ll be targeting your ads to a highly committed audience.

Now, some may argue that LinkedIn ads don’t work. However, that’s not the case. Before you can say it doesn’t work first of all evaluate to know whether the LinkedIn ad is right for you. What works in favor of your business might not work for others. Although if you optimize your LinkedIn ad campaign it can work for any platform.

So, Why LinkedIn Ads?

The truth is that LinkedIn has a smaller audience when compared to most of the other social networking platforms. That notwithstanding, LinkedIn can actually help you achieve a very precise reach. This is due to the following facts;

  • A LinkedIn profile contains a more detailed and up to date professional information.
  • It provides great targeting options which include, skills, interests, job titles, employer, etc.

Hence, with these and among others, you can leverage LinkedIn ads to get your business in front of your defined target audience.

Kinds Of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads come in two major forms to help your digital marketing. The self-service ads solution and dynamic ads. Meanwhile, each type of LinkedIn ads has its own benefits and approaches.

Self-service Ads

This kind of LinkedIn ads lets you launch a targeted campaign in minutes. In this platform, you can set your own budgets, choose clicks and impressions. You can also stop your ads at any point using Campaign Manager.

Sponsored content and text ads are all supported under this platform.

Dynamic Ads

This kind of ads is highly visible to the premium audience. It is equally available through account managed advertising. Thereby, allowing you to partner with a dedicated LinkedIn team.

Dynamic Ads is a way to show personalized ads. And it id dynamically generated based on the activities of your audience.

How To Create LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Now, having got ideas on the kinds of LinkedIn ads that will best serve your businesses. Let’s quickly see how you can create those ads.

Step 1: Get Started With Your Ads Campaign

By now you should have created a LinkedIn account. But if not, it quite easy to do that, you can create an account with ease when you click here.

Campaign manager takes you through creating LinkedIn ads. Even with tips along the way while creating your ads. Meanwhile, a campaign manager is where you will manage and optimize your advertising on LinkedIn.

When getting started with LinkedIn ads creation, it presents you with two different campaigns. Create an ad (text ads) and Sponsor an update (sponsored content).

However, when running a sponsored content ad you’ll need a company or showcase page. This is because, with a sponsored content ad campaign, you are posting updates that you have posted on your company’s page before.

Nevertheless, text ads campaign and sponsored ads campaign are relatively similar in the way they are set up. And campaign manager can help you achieve a desirable ad set up as we mentioned earlier.

Step 2: Target Your LinkedIn Ads

Regardless of the kind of campaign ads you chose, selecting your audience works in the same way. This section is where the power of LinkedIn ads really lies.

Here, you are to specify options for targeting your ads to the right people.

This is what you’ll see after you have created your ad.


Although the targeting options here looks similar to that of Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn provides an advanced mode of targeting. Such as job titles, company names, school names, skills, and even interests.

Obviously, we can see that LinkedIn ads have a wide variety of criteria for targeting your ideal audience. Even the audience expansion button, which allows you to automatically include audiences similar to the ones you’ve chosen already.

Step 3: Set Your Budget

Having selected the audience you want to reach, its now time to set a budget to ensure that your targeting goals. LinkedIn ads present you with three different options for your budgeting plans. They include; Cost per click (CPC), Cost per impression (CPM), and Cost per send (CPS).

So, what’s your advertising goals? Each model is designed for the kind of objectives you want to achieve with your LinkedIn ads.

Let’s say brand awareness is your primary goal. Then CPM is a better fit for you!

On the other hand, CPC is often used for campaigns such as lead generation or event registration. Whereas, when you run a sponsored InMail campaign, you pail for each InMail that is successfully delivered. Therefore, CPS is undoubtedly the better fit for this campaign type.

Moreover, you can choose a start to finish date in your CPC and CPM models. Including a daily spent limit and a bid price. You can equally cancel your campaign anytime regardless of your end date.

Step 4: Measure And Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

With the help of the campaign manager, you can see how your ads are performing. When you go to the campaign manager, you’ll be able to access the analytics and then evaluate the particular campaign of your choice.

The things you can analyze includes impressions, clicks, and sends. You can as well measure your social actions. Social action is organic, a free engagement initiated by LinkedIn users who interact with your contents.

Moreover, go through each campaign and see how each ad in that campaign is performing.


Using this data, you can edit your ads, refine your targeting, and adjust your budgets.


LinkedIn is an amazing advertising platform to utilize. It can help you get your combine in front of your B2B audience.

However, if you have been experiencing difficulties in creating LinkedIn ads, this post is essential for you. If you have had some knowledge of LinkedIn ads before, these tips would help you too.

LinkedIn ads can be the answer to your business today!


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