Instagram is a fast growing social media platform. And businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network. With over 800 million monthly active users, more than 60 million photos are posted daily. While about 1.6 million likes are recorded each day. So, no doubt your business needs Instagram marketing!

In addition to sharing your personal photos with your friends, Instagram can be a powerful marketing channel for your business. However, to improve your Instagram marketing you need to increase your following too.

Besides, the more you connect with people on Instagram the more your brand is exposed each time you share a post. In fact, a greater audience reach will be instrumental to your Instagram marketing success.

Also, to keep your current followers engaged and attract new ones you need to share the right kind of contents. But how can you know which kinds of post work best for growing your audience?

Meanwhile, to offer a solution to your questions, we’ve come up with these Instagram marketing tips.

9 Instagram Marketing Tips That Increase Conversions

Are you looking for a way to improve your Instagram marketing? These Instagram marketing tips are well Okay!

1. Switch To A Business Profile

First things first! When you think of your Instagram marketing plan be sure to have an Instagram business profile ready. If you haven’t done that it’s pretty easy to do. Just go over to your settings and click on “switch to a business profile” to start.

Moreover, when you switch to a business profile they’re some added advantage that comes with it.

Firstly you can create and publish Instagram ads without needing to use the Facebook advertising tools. Also with a business profile, your audience can click on your contact button right from your Instagram page.

Lastly, when you have an Instagram business profile you can make use of the Instagram analytics tools (Insights). This tool helps to provide stats about impressions and reach of your posts. So, having an Instagram business profile will help you to be able to measure your Instagram marketing success.

2. Lure Your Audience With Product Teasers To Inspire Sales

Instagram is quite a nice place to advertise your products. And if you do it right, you will attract more audiences than scare them away. So, one of the most productive ways to urge your audience to purchase a product is by sharing products teaser with them.

Product teasers are simple ways of talking about your products and increase excitement rather than appearing too pushy for sales. If people consider you as always forcing your way to sell to them, they might get bored with your ads. This places your Instagram marketing at risk.

You can offer your audience some percent off from any purchase they make through your Instagram posts. Certainly, many will be driven to take an action such as liking, commenting or sharing. But, it will most likely trigger sales which I know is one of your key Instagram marketing goals.

3. Post Consistently But Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience

Most enthusiasts will always ask:

How often and when can I be posting on Instagram?

I understand you want to post often enough so that your brand can stay relevant and on top of your audiences’ feed. That’s quite alright, but at the same time, I’m sure you won’t want to be too frequent and end up losing some of your audiences already.

According to Buffer, major brands post once or twice per day on Instagram. While some equally post up to 10 times per day but don’t see a significant increase in engagement. SimplyMeasured also identified Wednesdays and Sundays as the worst days to post on Instagram. While Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post. And CoSchedule finally gives us the time of the day to make our best posts like 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, as well as 2:00 AM.

However, the above works best when you experiment with the type of audiences you have especially the posting time. Because despite the researches from CoSchedule, there is still no universal time to post on Instagram. Therefore, the best Instagram marketing advice for you here is to experiment this with your audience. How your audience responds should be what you build on. But one thing you should be certain about is not to overwhelm them with your posts. Instead, excite them, that will turn them to loyal customers.

4. Instagram Offers Free Tools, Use Them For Your Instagram Marketing

Business profile on Instagram is much alike with that of Facebook. And like we mentioned earlier, with Instagram business profile users can easily reach your business with the help of the contact button.

In addition to the contact option, your business profile has access to free analytic tools called Instagram Insights. Through Insights, you can view statistics like impressions, engagement data and more. Similarly, you can access more information on your followers such as on their age, gender, location, and most active hours.

Meanwhile, you get insights for a specific post to know how many impressions the post gained over a period of time.

Moreover, the more you understand how your audiences are interacting with your Instagram marketing contents. The better for you to adjust and improve your engagement.

5. Don’t Ignore Instagram Stories

Since the arrival of Instagram stories, engagements on the Instagram regular posts have dropped. Both of them differs because stories come in slideshow pattern. Instagram stories are an excellent tool that can help generate interests in your business. They give your customers sneak peek at new products, giveaways or sales.

Although they’re alive for only 24 hours, they can be saved to any of your devices and can be reused later for your Instagram marketing.

However, unlike your regular posts, Instagram stories don’t appear at the news feed. Rather, they appear in a small area above it where users already look daily.

Stories have some interesting features that can readily benefit your business. Such as the ability to tag other accounts in your stories, let’s assume you’re collaborating with another brand.

Again, with Instagram stories, you can test different kinds of contents to figure out which one works best. Visual contents such as short video, live video, photos, etc. all can be compatible with Instagram stories. But, one thing about IG stories is that they’re only available on the mobile app. And cannot be sent as a direct message for now.

All the same, it’s a great way to get your Instagram marketing off the mark. And with the ability to add a link to your stories, you can easily send users to your website or your product landing page.

6. Use Sponsered Ads To Target Your audience

How do you feel about Instagram sponsored ads? Or are you contented with the people your posts reach? Probably NO

Initially, only people following your account will be able to see what you share. But now, brands are given a whole new dimension to target their audience. That’s to say that with Sponsored ads, you can be able to promote your contents to anyone within your target audience.

Since your sponsored ads will extend beyond your followers make sure to use content that is engaging and appealing to your audience. Also, you can equally turn your existing posts into sponsored ads too. You can as well choose to run multiple ads to different audiences simultaneous to boost your engagements.

7. Use Trending And Interactive Hashtags

Using interactive and trending hashtags will help people discover your Instagram posts. If you’re going to make the best out of your Instagram marketing, you need to be well creative. Hashtags help your audiences to search through all posts relating to your brand.

Moreover, hashtags are more like free advertising for your business. Meanwhile, you can use one of your popular brand slogan as your branded hashtag. Such that when people use the tag they’ll be exposing your business to their own followers as well.

Instagram marketing content with at least one hashtag generates more engagements than those without. In fact, if you want to increase your Instagram reach and engagement use hashtags and location tag if possible.

8. Partner With The Right Influencers For A Greater Reach

You can use the power of an influencer to get the best from your Instagram marketing. Through influencers, you can easily reach your potential customers on Instagram. Because they have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise in a particular topic and with a great number of audiences already.

However, before you partner with an influencer make sure that he has the audience relevant to your business. If not, your Instagram marketing is likely going to hit a block. Why partnering with influencers is a good strategy for your Instagram marketing is because they already have a great number of audience reach. Which says that if you partner with the right ones they can expose your brand to those of their followers.

Influencers will definitely bring you new leads and hence good chances of conversion.

To find the right influencers for your business, check out for our top influencer marketing platforms.

9. Monitor The Right Metrics

The truth is that anything that is not measurable cannot be optimized. So, to get a clearer view of your Instagram marketing success you need to monitor your metrics.

This includes tracking of your follower growth rate, your engagement rate (likes, comments, and shares.) Then finally you equally need to track your URL click-through rate.

Also, it can be necessary to compare your results to that of your competitors. This will help you to know what works best for them. You can dig deep by finding the average engagement of each post to know what type of contents your audiences love most.

So, the fact remains that you can only be able to improve the performance of your Instagram marketing once you know how well your page and posts are performing.


Is your Instagram marketing tips you know fading out? There is every reason to revive it!

Instagram has become a formidable social media platform with a great audience reach of about 800 million active users. And businesses have identified it as a go-to place, especially for their visual contents. Meanwhile, with the fast-growing digital landscape, you can’t afford to miss such opportunity of connecting with a large audience on the platform. So, digest these tips to enhance your Instagram marketing campaign.

If it educates you, help us share. If you have contributions feel free to make use of the comment box below!

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