Youtube Marketing: 5 Tips To A Great Marketing Return

By: Polly More
Published: May 2, 2018

What channel could rival Youtube when it comes to video marketing? Absolutely none! With over 1 Billion users to its name, consumers continue to spend more time watching videos online. The Results of video marketing are undeniable and there is no better way to do it than through Youtube marketing.

Moreover, the good thing about this Youtube marketing is that it doesn’t cost you much to drive the traffic you needed. Rather, once you have optimized your videos to have the qualities that the consumers want to see you’ll definitely gain the attention you needed. Hence, increase your conversion rate.

So, to ensure that your Youtube marketing is effective we’ve come up with these tips to educate you more.

5 Effective Youtube Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaign

Video marketing is the talk of the day, so don’t be left behind. Here are the tips that will help you skyrocket your Youtube marketing campaign.

1. Create Useful Contents Regularly

Let’s say you’re a visitor to my Youtube channel on two to three consecutive occasions without finding new video content. Will you ever be motivated to visit again? I doubt! So, consistently updating your channel with contents will genuinely help you build a great audience network.

However, before coming up with any kind of contents you need to find out what kind of video contents that the people are in demand of. It’s not just enough putting up any kind of video out there lest people will not get to view them or they will fail to convert.

But I’m sure you want to make your audience come back to your channel to view your videos more often. So how do you do that? The first thing in this concept is the usefulness of your videos. Your Youtube marketing videos should possess great values for your audience. Probably providing solutions to unending problems facing your audience.

Meanwhile, there are countless video topics you can choose from. It can be a how-to video, explainer videos or a video about a product and so on. Decide on what type of video content to share and create valuable and appealing videos on such topics regularly. This way, your audience will always want to view more of your videos.

2. Use Titles To Get More Eyeballs To Your Videos

Your titles are as important as the content itself. Why?

Because it’s the first thing that drives viewers to click on your videos. No matter how great you think your video content to be, it’ll be of no use if people could not click on them. And as such your Youtube marketing will lack the basic qualities for success.

So, how do you write great titles for your youtube marketing videos? One thing is that there is no special way to go about writing a title. But there are some techniques you need to adopt while writing your titles to help optimize them for clicks.

Let’s start with finding the right keyphrase for your video and putting it in your title. This tells what your video is all about and gives a taste of what to expect in your video. However, make sure you use the keyphrase that aligns with your niche so that it’ll attract the right audience.

Also, you can think of keeping your titles short. Youtube’s title character limit is 100 but they’ll start cutting it from about 50-55 characters on the desktop. So make the most use of the limits you have to make most of your title appear on the desktop and unquestionably your keyphrase.

Although, some brands purposedly leave their titles halfway through to make it click-baiting. Clickbait sometimes work, they drive people to click on your video to find out what the video is talking about. So in all, for the sake of your Youtube marketing success, always write a compelling title for your videos.

3. Create Irresistible Thumbnails For Your Videos

Some video thumbnails are quite irresistible and it makes people click right away. Meanwhile, Youtube thumbnails are as important as crafting great titles. They illustrate in a nutshell the content of your videos. So, the most important thing is to make the thumbnails relevant to the video’s content and titles.

Here is an example from Tasty.


On the other hand, you can choose to add a short description to your thumbnails as we can see above. It makes people to easily understand what your video is all about.

Another way you can make your thumbnails draw attention to your videos is by putting your logo on the thumbnails. So that even if your videos don’t generate traffic, you’re still spreading words about your brand (Brand Awareness).

I have said this before, but I have to sound it out again. It’s nothing else but for you to make sure that your thumbnails accurately illustrate the content of your videos. There’s no point tricking your audience to view your videos with compelling thumbnails. Because you’re definitely not going to have them back to your channel if you do.

4. Create Calls-To-Action

Your Youtube marketing is for a purpose I guess? Here is where you implement those purposes of yours. Calls-to-action is all about what you want your viewers to do after watching your videos. Where you want your videos to take them to. Sometimes you can add your CTAs based on your goals. So it’s up to you to know what action you want your viewers to perform after watching your videos.

Depending on how you want it, there are three major places that your calls-to-action can come in your videos. There are; in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. However, the goal of including a call-to-action is to keep it simple so that people can perform an action. Moreover, there are lots of CTAs that you can think of adding, But the major ones you can include in your videos are;

  • Subscribe
  • Like/Share
  • Comment
  • Contact us
  • Add to Favorites etc.

In addition to adding a call-to-action to your videos, you can equally link your videos to your website to increase your website traffics. So, with CTAs you can easily achieve your Youtube marketing goals.

5. Cross-Promote Your Videos With Other Channels

For you to grow more traffic you need to increase your reach on Youtube. But what’s the safest way to do this? I’d tell you it’s by identifying and reaching out to other similar channels to cross-promote your videos.

When you reach out to other YouTubers with a great following, you’re effectively bringing attention to your own brand. However, it’s important you reach out to the people in the same niche with you so that your audience can have similar interests with theirs. Meanwhile, when you collaborate with someone who has a similar audience to yours, the cross-exposure is both organic and lucrative!

In addition, sharing your videos on social media is equally fundamental if you want to grow your channel. But it’s also very important that you figure out what platform your target audiences are in before sharing your videos across there.

Your Youtube marketing videos can seamlessly feature in any social media channel. So, all you need to do is to be sure of which platform you want to promote your videos on. Then nurture your audience and get started to increase your reach!


The truth here is that you can’t expect overnight success with your Youtube marketing. Success in Youtube marketing comes from constant practice. It could be really hard, frustrating, and tiring but with patience, you can start seeing results.

Thus, by putting these Youtube marketing tips into practice you can grow your presence on Youtube. And then achieve your Youtube marketing goals.

What techniques drive the most traffic for your brand? Are there in our list or we omitted them? Feel free to leave us a reply by using the comment box below!


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