The Top 7 Best Video Call Apps For Android Devices

By: Polly More
Published: July 10, 2019

Phone calls have hit another level, with today’s technology making it possible for you to see the people you are calling. And at the same time hear their voice. Video calling apps are the trending concept in application store in the recent generation. Should you want to catch up face to face with your caller, you need the best video call apps for android devices.

Moreover, there is no limit to what video call apps can do for. Some video call apps can allow you to make phone calls for free, more effectively international calls. Also, with video call apps you can connect with your friends and family even when you’re at movies, shopping, gaming, etc.

Equally, chat apps without some kind of video calling features to look more obsolete. Therefore, for a high-speed video calling, you need to choose the best video call app for android. This is because if you ever experience video calling, you will definitely question yourself why you lived without it.

Looking for the best video call apps for android devices? Stay connected with this article for them.

The Top 7 Best Video Call Apps For Android Devices

The following are the best video call apps for android mobiles you can think of choosing.

1. Skype

This probably is the most common name in the video calling app store. It is one of the best video call apps for android which has over 1 billion downloads on play store.

Skype has numerous features which place it among the best video call apps for android. With Skype, you can send video and voice messages, text, instant messages and more. Along with one on one video calling, you can also experience a group video calling that with up to 25 participants.

Another interesting feature of Skype is that it has the ability to translate languages. So, with this, it shows that Skype is limitless in its usage. Which makes it one of the best video call apps for android mobiles.

Install Skype App from GooglePlay

2. Viber

Viber is another android video call app that has great downloads in play store. It can allow for free video calls, group chats and for more extended group discussions up to 100 participants. This video call app doesn’t require any special kind of setups like username or email. All you need to do is just to enter your phone number to get started.

Moreover, Viber has a user-friendly interface which makes it one of the best video call apps for android. For the first time of using this app, you will need to register using access code on call back number which is not difficult. Communications on Viber are very secured and no third party can penetrate users’ discussions. It automatically encrypts text mesages, video and voice calls, group chats as well.

To make Viber more fun, you can also play Viber games with friends and share contact files.

3. Google Duo

This calling app is incredibly simple to use and it encrypts all calls. One of the most scintillating features of this video call app is the “knock knock” feature. Which allows you to see the live preview of your caller before you can be able to answer.

Again, you can as well see the list of people that have Google Duo installed on their mobile, simply tap on the ‘new call’ icon. Likewise, if the person you need to call doesn’t have it installed you can also invite them to use the app. You still be on Google Duo call and switch your settings. Such as changing from front camera to rear camera, muting the call and viewing a thumbnail of what your contact is seeing.

With Google Duo installed for you and the other user, you can make video and voice call for free. Which makes it one of the best video call apps for android. The only shortage of this video app in its features is its inability to host group calls. But generally, it is simple to use!

4. Line

Line is a popular messaging app which supports video calling for android mobiles. It incredibly has over 500 active users worldwide. Line is one of the best video apps for Android, which supports filters and effects during your video calls.

Moreover, it offers group video calls with up to 200 participants, unlike Google Duo. It can as well share messages, photos, videos, and some social media features.

Line lets you enjoy high-quality video calling with no charge. However, it is supported by Android version 4.1 and above only.

5. Just Talk

If all you want is to make a high-quality free video call, Just Talk is the best fit for you. Just Talk is not as popular as Skype or Viber but its primary focus since its emergence is video calling. As a video call based app, it has some exciting features that make it one of the best video call apps for android.

With Just Talk, you can add contacts from your phone or Facebook account and it will tell you who is available for call provided the person has Just Talk installed on his device. And with its Night Vision feature, it makes it possible to see a caller in a poor array of light. It can also record some part of your video calls to be replayed later.

Just Talk is a reliable video calling app which supports doodling while in a video call. It also supports group video chats with unlimited participants. Its very simple to handle which makes it count among the best video call apps for android.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app trusted by a large number of users which is pretty easy to use. For lovers and die-hard fans of Facebook, this app is a must-have one if you want to make the best use of your Facebook account.

The app allows you to make high-quality audio and video calls with your android mobiles. There are much more things to do with your Facebook messenger app. Such things like; group video calls, videos calls with fun art and effects, sending stickers and emojis, etc.

Though Facebook messenger started as a texting app, technology has now developed it to support video calls. Its user-friendly feature and popularity make it rate among the best video call apps for android.

7. Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp is one of the traditional messaging apps that is most popular with everyone. Now, it has provided the platform for video calling. The calling feature of this app is straightforward and user-friendly. Though you can only be able to make use of the video and voice calls on one to one conversations. Unlike so many other video call app that supports group video calling.

Aside from video or voice call, Whatsapp features include text messaging, media file sharing, stickers etc. This app is highly secured and every conversation is encrypted. Again Whatsapp doesn’t display any ads. It is a reliable video calling app for androids, that’s why its counted among the best video call apps for android.

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Having generally seen the overview of the best video call apps for android, it’s convincing that video calling is the next big thing in social media and communication worldwide! However, most of these video call apps are cross-platform. Which means there are not only supported by Android devices but can also function in other devices such as windows and Apple devices etc.

Moreover, there are still some video calling apps not mentioned in this article. But with the above listed you can get experience of your life when you start with one or two.


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