Do not Make This Mistake While Starting A Technology Blog

By: Polly More
Published: July 10, 2019

Tech blogging in recent times has drawn more attention and popularity. Many have made severally attempts to set up a successful technology blog on the but have failed due to lack of proper blog business planning.

So, here I have put down the basic things you must put on clear observation while starting a Technology blog.

And believe you me that adequate preparations go a long way to prevent poor performances. Since it has already been ascertained that a man who doesn’t have a destination might not go anywhere.

Hence, executing the instructions here would save you from not succeeding as a blogger.

In consequence, the essence of this post is to guide you on the vital things you need before you adventure into Tech blogging.

Moreover, just know that any height you dream of is attainable only when you are ready to go through its process poco-a-poco. And to build an online business you must be ready to study the waves of the industry before you plunge in.

Tips For Starting A Technology Blog From Scratch

You should define your destination, and that I believe is already ascertained by choosing to be a Tech blogger.

However, I cannot assume that everybody knows what it means to have a niche. Therefore, I will give you an overview of the subject matter “Niche” of Tech blogging.

And while doing this, many things will come into play like Sub-niche, Domain name, Hosting plan, Theme or Template, blogging platform and so on, because once you get the first one right the next step becomes easier.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Technology Blog

  1. What is going to be my Sub-niche(Tech is already your chosen niche)
  2. What should be my domain name?
  3. Should I use a free blogging platform or paid?
  4. What hosting plan should I go for?
  5. And then what template or theme will be best for my tech blog?
  6. How often will I update my blog?

Niche ( Sub-Niche)

Niche is the broader aspect of your blog topics. Your decision to choose Tech is encouraging based on the following reasons:

It has higher domain authority, it pays higher especially when you are using Google Adsense. It has vest topics you can write on and it has very high engagements as its new ideas evolve every day.

While Sub-niche is more like the integral message which your blog stands for in the field of technology. It is the major focus on which your blog topics must revolve.

And this simply means that every post or article you publish must have its central message anchored on this particular area or field.

Therefore, while choosing sub-niche you should decide if you would be focusing on Tech business, Tech software or Tech guides.

Choosing A Domain Name

After you have got all your ideas to check the next thing you should do is to organize the structure of your site. Now you need a business name that would serve as an address to where you do your business(Blog).

In choosing domain name make sure to include a keyword from your niche: Do good research around your niche’s keyword.

Then register your domain name either on NameCheap, INMOTION or any other one of your choice, it costs between $9-$10.

Blogging Platform To Use For Your Tech Blog

Currently, there is just two most popular blogging platform. owned by Google, which is free and which you would need a paid hosted website to operate on.

I advise you to always go for paid versions for your business in as much you wish to maximize all available free offers. Don’t forget that paid platforms make your blog more professional and business oriented.

Hosting Plan To Choose As Tech Blogger

Therefore, getting a good web host is very crucial. There are many good web hosts like Hostgator, BlueHost, Siteground just to mention a few.

Buy a hosting plan according to your budget but annual hosting of 2 -3 years would be preferable. Once you have got your website hosted, proceed to install your blog on your WordPress site.

Best WordPress Theme for Technology Blog

After installing your blog, choose a theme or template from Mythemeshop or Themeforest. You can as well get from other theme stores online. I advise you to buy a premium theme.

This is because there are many expertise reasons why you should not go for free platforms for your business as I stated earlier.

How often will I update my blog?

Meanwhile, it is very helpful for you to set or write at least 50 Tech blog topics which you would be writing on immediately or before your blog goes live.

You should look at what others who have to be in the industry are doing and then make an improvement with your discoveries and ideas.

Now you have fully gotten the basics steps you need to set up a tech blog, you should be concerned about creating marketable and sharable contents to grow your blog traffic.

In doing this you should know that content is king and that if you have good content it would make it easier to attract the attention of the gurus in your niche.

In conclusion, You should devote more time to your Tech blog. Update it regularly and make sure you adopt a good promotion and marketing technique.

Bloggers like Emenike Emmanuel have been able to build high-profile in blogging by rending unique breathtaking articles and adopting attention for attention method of promotion.

His business blog ( has over 33% of its traffic from the U.S.A. and he has plans to hit over 75% soon.

Similarly, he has been accorded many recommendations and mentions from popular bloggers like Ryan of, who has been featured by popular brands and websites like Forbes.

Do you want to know he did this?  Then our subsequent articles will settle that, just bookmark us.


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