7 Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions For Team Collaboration

By: Polly More
Published: April 30, 2018

Just a telephone call might not be enough neither is it that easy traveling across the globe for business meetings. So, how do you handle the need for a face-to-face touch that every business team demands? Wait, we have the absolute answer for you here. With enterprise video conferencing, you have nothing else to worry about.

Meanwhile, you have to agree with me that enterprise video conferencing solutions support several levels of communications. Hence, it is very easy for large-sized businesses to expand their communication reach. However, enterprise tools need to be flexible, scalable and efficient! Therefore once you have this in mind you won’t deal with any difficulty while choosing a video conferencing software for your business.

Sometimes online meetings can be a mess, and the hassle always comes from poor communication flow. So before you settle for any enterprise video conferencing solution be sure to know what it feels like using the tool. As a result, I’m going to share with you in this article the best enterprise video conferencing software you’ve been missing.

7 Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions & How They Work

Make your choice now and reduce your cost of business travel when you stay with us here! So here are the enterprise video conferencing solutions and how they work

1. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a cloud-based enterprise video conferencing solution that blends diverse features. It takes only a moment to get started with this conferencing software and it’s hassle-free. Stuffed with dozens of valuable features, ClickMeeting remains easy to use to the subscribers. This webinar software helps you before, during, and after your webinar.

Moreover, it’s one of the best when you talk about enterprise video conferencing software. And the features speak for themselves. Some of the key features include the following: Webinar rebranding – Where you can customize your webinar room and waiting room with your brand logo and colors.


Along with that, you can send customized invitations to your invitees and it makes it easy for them to confirm their attendance. In the same way, it allows you to view your past and upcoming events in a handy timeline. Which will, therefore, enable you to quickly access to statistics and essential info.

One of the sweet things about this enterprise video conferencing software is that you can host hassle-free webinars regardless of the device and OS.

In other words, ClickMeeting is affordable, easy to use, and versatile in features. The pricing is $165 per month billed annually for about 500 to 5000 attendees.

2. BlueJeans


Enterprise video conferencing services are flexible and interoperable making them the new standard in enterprise communication, collaborations, and content sharing. With BlueJeans, there are none of those features that you’ll lack. It not only allows employees to collaborate face-to-face but also to share content from their computer screen during teleconferences.

Along with the screen sharing capability, it streams video and audio in high definition. Perhaps you need help from the tech team, Bluejeans has a support team that can connect with you via email or phone. Then as a few may have, you can engage in video, audio and web meetings across phones, desktop, and room systems.

BlueJeans is the ultimate solution, optimized for enterprises. For the pricing, it requires that you contact the company to see the pricing and the discount volume.

3. Zoom


Zoom is one of the best enterprise video conferencing available in the market. It’s one of the customer’s top choice for meeting solutions. As a result, it offers a consistent enterprise experience for all cases.

But why are customers so much in love with this conferencing software? Because Zoom is a comprehensive and inexpensive cloud-based video conference place that is intuitive and selective! It doesn’t just stop there, it is engineered and optimized to work reliably. Again, it’s easy to use with up to 500 video participants and 10,000 viewers allowed. So, tell me why you don’t like to choose Zoom, after all, it’s equally affordable.

When it comes to the features this enterprise video conferencing is powered with, it’s more than impressive. Some of them include; interactive whiteboard for sharing group text, images, and even audio files during a meeting. It also features online meeting, training, and technical support, with also marketing events and town hall meetings.

However, for all these features Zoom still remain affordable for enterprises. It’s priced at $19.99 per month per host with a minimum of 100 hosts.

4. Skype For Business


Built for business, made by Microsoft. Skype for business is a professional online meeting solution built for enterprises. It’s quite easy to set up and join with powerful collaboration tools. Moreover, the amazing thing about this meeting solution is that it’s inexpensive but a good-quality enterprise video conferencing solution.

Where do I start with the features, in fact, Skype for business is overwhelming with its great features. You can invite your team to a meeting with a personalized link, choose to meet right away or even schedule from Outlook for later. Also, you can send instant messages anytime during business meetings to offer new ideas. This meeting solution makes you enjoy industry-leading HD videos for online meetings that feel top quality and trustworthy.

So, what else do you expect from an enterprise video conferencing software when you can get additional features in Office 365. Such as direct integration of Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can easily schedule business meetings with Outlook by adding a link so that guests can join straight from their Outlook calendar. Skype for business is trusted in business-quality meetings and with assured security over your video and audio streams.

5. Join.me


This is an enterprise video conferencing solution with a modern interface that’s very easy to use. It has more than enough features to enhance your online meetings. Somewhat stylish online meeting software when it comes to meeting customization. You can personalize your meeting link to whatever you want. Be it the subject of the meeting or to match your personality, Join.me allows you to customize every bit of it. In addition to customizing your meeting link, you can equally customize your meeting background. Both the meeting background and URL makes your account and meeting room look uniquely different.

On the other hands, it’s very easy to get everyone on the same page during conferencing with one click screen sharing. When you start meeting, all you need to do is to press the “broadcast button” and you’re ready to go! It’s just that simple! With Join.me, collaboration is easy, efficient, and hassle-free.

Hence, the platform’s simplicity and ease of use mean minimal training is required to get your staff updated. It is equally cost-effective with three pricing tiers between $10 to $30 per month. Very suitable for everything that your business needs in an online meeting.

6. GoToMeeting


This enterprise video conferencing software remains one of the easiest conferencing services you can use. With all of its good quality, the company offers a free version that allows for up to 50 attendees. GoToMeeting is built for business and it’s designed for your business success. Just like the company puts it that – professional meetings deserve a professional online meeting software.

Moreover, if not for anything else, their stats will easily convince anyone about choosing their conferencing services. This says that over 18M people use it per month worldwide and about 80M online meetings per year. So, that can tell you how genuine it feels using this enterprise video conferencing solution.

With its simple, effective, and reliable interface you can connect with anyone, anywhere and on any device. Despite its great features it still maintains a moderate price for enterprises though quite high when compared to the likes of Zoom and ClickMeeting. It is priced at $39 per month billed annually.

7. Lifesize


This is an enterprise video conferencing that offers a quality video and audio recording across desktop, mobile, and browser. It is a highly interoperable system that brings together a wide range of features and high-quality streaming to create a very positive user experience.

Lifesize provides enterprises with proven and modern video conferencing solution that their users would love. One awesome thing about this conferencing software is that it integrates with Skype for business, Outlook, Slack, Hipchat, Cisco and more to fit your workflow. It equally provides an unmatched consistent experience across all devices and meeting spaces.

Another amazing experience with Lifesize is that you can customize your account to any features of your choice. You can as well equip your meeting rooms with smart conference room systems designed to fit any meeting space. Above all, it maintains an average pricing for enterprises. It is priced at $23 per month per user. Quite lower than that of GoToMeeting.


It’s unimaginable what video conferencing can do for enterprises. It is one of the most relied tools to collaborate with teams efficiently. Meanwhile, high-quality enterprise video conferencing solutions experience no online meeting hassle. Everything works seamlessly, integrating conveniently with other applications that make it easy to schedule a meeting and achieve the best meeting experience.

You can also save the cost and stress of business travels just be making a reliable enterprise video conferencing a choice. This our list above makes sure that every choice you make serves you best.

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