Top 8 Best Social Media Platforms For Business Promotion And Marketing

By: Polly More
Published: July 11, 2019

Starting up a business venture is normally time taking and promoting such business is another issue which might be hard for a new business startup. Primarily, the easiest way to promote such startup is through the use of available best social media platforms for business.

And if that be the case, not all social medium is effective in this light, these are the top 8 best social media platform for business.

It isn’t so easy to maintain an active social media platform for a business startup, but there are several platforms through which you can display your product to the public.

Top 8 Best Social Media Platforms For Business Promotion And Marketing

1. Facebook


Facebook was launched in February 2004 and has an estimated 800 million active users. Over 50% of the world population uses Facebook and it is ranked the most used social networking service in the world.

To advertise your business, all you need to do is to create your page being all the necessary important and quality contents. Once your page is liked by any user, he/she gets an update or news from you on their wall.

You should do well to provide your contact information and provide regular updates as this is the only way you can create a social presence and get people to check out what you have. With this, you can get the value you want since over 40% of users operate their Facebook account per day.

Facebook due to its large audience and user-friendly interface is one of the most popular for best social media platforms for business promotion and marketing.

2. Twitter


Twitter was launched in 2004 and has an estimated 300 million users globally. It is another platform which is recognized and provides the important tools you need.

Meanwhile, Twitter keeps the information short, simple and straight to the point with not more than 140 characters in a single post. Check for related items and topics using the hashtag(#) at the search bar.

Twitter is quite similar to many other social media platforms but here you can follow a user while the user follows you back. It is very easy to get someone to keep in touch with you.

While you may not be able to reach others to a whole lot of people or group here you can gain some meaningful connections and advertise your products.

3. YouTube


YouTube is a stream/video sharing social media site that is owned by Google. As a small business owner, it is an interesting market strategy which you should make use of.

With YouTube, is one o you can make videos or tutorials of your products and post them. You might rack up a lot of views and people flooding to check out what you have.

4. Google+


Google is a household a search engine company which was launched in 1996 but other sub levels like Google plus was introduced. Google Plus was introduced in June 2011 for personal use and in November 2011, it was opened to business brands.

With a G+ account, you can reach out to a whole lot of communities which deal on various products like photography, cars, tech, etc. You can build an audience on G+ for your business but the platform has quite a limited scope to operate.

5. LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is another business platform which was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, with about 135 million active users in more than 200 countries. It is one of the Top 8 Best Social Media Platforms For Business.

Simply create an account and put up your profile and find similar people from job listings and interest groups. Keep your profile up to date as you will get lots of interested people who will want to connect with you and check out what you have on display.

As a user of LinkedIn, this platform gets you connected to various opportunities which can help your business get elevated.

6. Pinterest


Pinterest is a visual/photo sharing site that was launched in 2009. You can share pictures of your products which may be divided into pictures, videos, discussions, etc as pinned items.

Putting up your product photos can gain you a quick and huge opportunity because people are able to see what your offer and this way you can build a great audience. With the Pinterest buy button, purchasing items have never been this easier with a click of a button.

7. Instagram


Instagram is an easy to use app which has over 500 million active. It is quite a popular platform where you can snap a photo, take a video and post. This is why Instagram is used at work more than any other platform and your followers can see all you post.

Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool, where all you need to do is to come up with a strategic plan to reach out to half a billion users. While you post you can tag users who have a similar idea of what you do.

8. Snapchat


Snapchat in recent years has racked up a whole lot of users which over 200 million reported users. With Snapchat you can make posts that stay as long as 24 hours is it goes off.

With this platform, you can create unique video content, new collections of your products or conduct interviews with prominent figures to boost your opportunities.

I know these are not the only social media networks for business. So if you know any of them left out on the list of Top 8 Best Social Media Platforms For Business Promotion And Marketing. I will welcome that!


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