When you talk about how to advertise on Reddit, first and foremost, you have to know what Reddit is all about. Most people have limited knowledge of the benefits of advertising on Reddit.

In this article, I’m going to relate to you all the things you need to know about Reddit. So let’s start with what Reddit is all about!

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a domain where you can post links, texts, and images and comment on them. In a simple understanding, it can be said to be a web content ranking and a discussion website. It is an American based website. On Reddit, the posted texts, images and links are voted up or down by other members.

Submitted posts on Reddit that gains more up-votes than down-votes will appear towards the top of your subreddit and, should they receive more up-votes, definitely they will appear on the site’s front page. Then,

What is subreddit?

Subreddit is a group or forum where a certain topic is posted and discussed. You can create your own subreddit and be the chief runner of your subreddit domain. It is a user-created board. Posts are organized into subjects in the subreddit for discussions from members.

Subreddit covers many areas of organized topics such as movies, music, news, images, videos and many more.

Having understood these terms, many will still be asking this question about how they can get a Reddit account. Now, to create a Reddit account is no longer a problem anymore and here it is;

How to create a Reddit account:

For creating your Reddit account you can take these following simple steps


Start by visiting reddit.com


Go to the upper right-hand corner of the home page and click on ‘sign up’


Fill in the fields that will display to you after clicking on sign up, which features

  • choose a username
  • chose a password
  • verify password
  • email


Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and in seconds your account will be created.

However, many are yet to be sure if advertising on Reddit is necessary or will benefit them. And, they don’t know the opportunities they are missing by ignoring advertisement on Reddit.

Why you should advertise on Reddit

Its quiet understanding that advertising on Reddit presents a big challenge because there are so many rules and social norms applied. But all the same, it is immense in improving business values when done properly. Advertising on Reddit is bound to help your businesses in so many ways as I’m going to show you below:

  • Advertising on Reddit will help your business to generate leads; Redditors are always fond of up-voting information or posts that are genuine, eventful and with good insight.
  • Advertising on Reddit will as well grow your customer service reach; Atimes redditors’ comments come as compliments to your brand. You can find such redditors and thank them.
  • Advertising on Reddit helps in creating awareness; by discovering which content that earns most up-votes, you can create yours from such ideas.
  • Advertising on Reddit will help shine your product image and reputation; you can share a good image of your brand to an appropriate subreddit and watch other redditors compliment and like.

Now that it is crystal clear what Reddit is all about, the opportunities you would not want to miss and how to get one Reddit account for yourself. Hence, I’ll let you know how you can advertise on Reddit successfully.

How to Advertise on Reddit

1. Understand the opportunity and the Reddit community

Reddit is a form of social media group where discussions take place, but Reddit is challenging because of there no room for any form of ruining discussions in an attempt to market your product.

Redditors are always conscious about products and companies because there are responsible for up-votes and down-votes. Therefore, if your product is not insightful or you are a sales-minded person, Reddit is not likely a good fit for you.

Reddit community are the ones that are responsible for your upvotes, so understanding the community will help you know when a product you advertised is not so much appreciated by the community through their reactions.

Again your customer service is what redditor could focus on. If your customer service is so bad, the community will bring this up. Your opportunity to advertise on Reddit is to pay to have the top spot on a particular subreddit.

A submitted post or product receives more visibility on the subreddit if it earns more up-votes than down-votes.

2. Create a Reddit advertising account

You don’t use your personal Reddit account to run a campaign. Therefore you will need to create a new Reddit campaign to help separate your business and personal details, personas or data.

You will use your username to interact with comments or posts on your ad and other Redditors will also click on it to view what you’ve been upvoting or viewing. So, you need to get a new username and create a new account solely to run your campaign. But before we proceed with how to advertise on Reddit |everything you need to know,

Create a Reddit advertising account by Clicking Here;

3. Find your Target Audience

The “audience” is the people you are advertising to, so it is necessary you find what interests your audience most, figure out who is your target audience. If you can identify your target audience you might end up advertising to people who do not care for your products.

Figuring out what interests your audience is important because when you advertise on Reddit, you advertise based on the subreddits. It is on this subreddit now that you will get the opportunity to find some audience who are specifically involved and sometimes influential.

When you find your target audience and their ultimate interests, you will figure out the way to create a good campaign.

  • Note That; The subreddit must have enough page views needed to generate good results; since you advertise in subreddits then the pageview turnup has to be high so as to achieve good results.

Having figured out who your target audience is, now let’s continue with how to advertise on Reddit |everything you need to know:

4. Setup your Campaign by Creating Reddit Ad

Since you have created a Reddit account solely for business, you can now create Ad on the platform.

To get started on creating an Ad visit this link  https://www.reddit.com/advertising

Then Click on Place an Ad on the top right-hand side of the advertising home page

Fill in all the instructions on the promotion page that you will be directed to.

You can either include the image of products you are promoting or the picture of your face.

You will then need to write a conversational title for your Ad.

There are so many Reddit Ad that you can pick from

Also, you need to choose a post type, either a ‘text’ post type or a ‘link’ post type.

Link post type when clicked on the ad takes you to a website or blog post. While a text post type takes you to Reddit page having some copy written on it.

Then choose your platform and budget. You can send mobile traffic to a mobile friendly page.

Done with these, you’ll confirm your campaign and then send to the Reddit approval queue.

5. Wait for a Launch, Monitor and Iterate your Campaign

When you log in, use the self-advertising tab in Reddit to keep a watch on your promotions.

You will be notified via an email once your Ad is live. When the ad is live, you click data will start to rise by hour.

Finally, monitor the comments you need to reply to. Find the ways you can use to improve the campaign. Make changes and move on with the strategy that yields results.

Reddit is a nice place to showcase, promote and advertise your business. It is true that Reddit is somewhat challenging but with this guide on how to advertise on Reddit |everything you need to know; you can embrace the challenges and open your mind to enjoy the benefits that advertising on Reddit poses.


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